Cancellation Policy

We, at Pixeltee, strive to delight our customers with everything from our products to our services. As part of our commitment to this goal, we do allow order cancellations under certain conditions. Please refer to the FAQs below to understand our cancellation policy.

FAQs on Cancellation Policy

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, but only if your order has not been put into production yet.

What are the cancellation charges for late order cancellation?

The minimum cancellation charges for late order cancellations is 25% of the order value. In the case of custom-made products (such as personalized blankets), the cancellation charges may be higher to help us recover the material cost.

Why do you not accept late cancellations?

Every product we ship is Printed on demand. As you know, most of our products are custom-made and for special occasions like a gift for Father’s Day, a gift for Mother’s Day, or gifts for Christmas. Each product is unique and has special value to the person who ordered it, and cannot be sold to another person. Therefore, we cannot accept late cancellations.

Can I modify my order?

Of course, you can. However, that’s only possible when your order has not been put into production at the time of your modification request.

Why do not accept late modifications?

Once your order has already been put into production, it cannot be changed. Therefore, we can accept modification requests only before the production begins.

How much time do I have for cancelling or modifying the order after placing it?

Depending on the orders volume and product type, our production schedule often varies by a day or two. However, we usually accept cancellation or modification requests up to 8 hours for non- personalized product and up to 12 hours for personalized products after receiving your order

Can I cancel the order after it has been shipped?

No. Please note that any orders that have already been packed or shipped cannot be modified or cancelled.

How should I make a cancellation or modification request?
Please contact us as soon as possible if you need to modify or cancel your order. Make sure to provide your order number and the modification you would like to make and we’ll confirm once the modification has been made. We would be happy to assist you with your request.

If you have any questions please contact us, our contact email is a: [email protected]